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File Specs

These inserts have the correct size for BigBear's Shockboxes.
All files are @300dpi. Jpegs are sRGB, PDFs are CMYK » ISO Coated V2 300% (ECI) Profile.

I will try to produce the best quality inserts. This is a difficult task because many Artwork-Files are still missing. If you have jap AES Games, Flyers, Mini Marquees or other useful stuff and a scanner please support me with your artwork!



This site offers printable media for "shockboxes" which are free for personal use only.
YOU MAY download and use my files to print inserts for your own shockboxes.
YOU MAY download and use my files to print inserts for other people if you DO NOT CHARGE anything for it.
YOU MAY NOT link my files directly on any website.
YOU MAY NOT offer my files on any website or storage media.
YOU MAY NOT sell any of my files.

The layouts and file compilations are my intellectual property. Neo Geo and MVS are trademarks of SNK Playmore.